Leader of the Conservative Group

Jordan is proud to serve as the Leader of Gravesham Conservatives. In this role Jordan manages the day to day running of the official opposition group on Gravesham Borough Council. As the Leader of the Opposition Jordan is also the Chairman of the Council's Overview Scrutiny Committee. Over the next few years Jordan has pledged to hold the Labour administration at Gravesham Borough Council to account, ensuring that there is transparency, effective scrutiny and value for taxpayers money. Jordan's primary interests are; planning, heritage and tourism, young people, mental health and community safety. Jordan has appointed a Shadow Cabinet. More about the Shadow Cabinet team can be found by Clicking Here

Heritage & Tourism

From the now industrialised ancient paths of the Saxon Shoreway, to the mystery and quaintness of the lost village of Dode, Gravesham has a history like no other and Jordan is proud to promote and defend this heritage. From Pocahontas to Dickens, from General Gordon to Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, Gravesend was home to some of the most important people in our nation’s proud history. While serving as Cabinet Member for Heritage, Jordan was proud to launch the borough’s first Accredited Tour Guides Association and deliver the international commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of Pocahontas’ death.  Being born and bred in Gravesend and coming from a family with strong links to the River Thames, Jordan has a deep understanding of the importance of the borough’s heritage and will do all that he can to protect, enhance and promote this.  

Transparent Planning

Effective Scrutiny

Value for Taxpayers

Strategy and Finance

Jordan is keen to make sure that the Council delivers reliable, cost effective services to local residents. Since his election in 2015, Jordan has fought for value for money and will continue to fight for the lowering of Council Tax and the better use of the Council’s resources. Jordan principally believes that the Council should be an enabler and not a provider (other than for statutory services, of course) meaning that community groups and individuals should be empowered to support the development of our borough.   

Streetscene, Flytipping and Recycling

Gravesham is a beautiful place and therefore Jordan will do all that he can to fight for improvements to our street scene. Jordan will further work with both Borough and County Officials to ensure that those who fly-tip and litter are prosecuted. Furthermore, Jordan is passionate about the need to encourage more recycling across the borough. At the moment we are not recycling enough and the Conservative Group will explore how this can be improved in the future.   

Young People

The future of Gravesham is its young people and since he was first elected in 2015, Jordan has campaigned tirelessly to involve young people in the Council’s decision making. Jordan has proudly worked with young people across the borough on projects such as the Rathmore Road Street Project and Pocahontas 400. In 2016, Jordan was proud to allow the students of Riverview Junior School to design and deliver a new playground for Riverview Park. Over the next few years Jordan has pledged to involve young people in the Council’s scrutiny process and deliver opportunities for young people across the borough.  

Public Safety & Protection 

If you speak to anyone in Gravesham, their biggest concern is usually crime/ antisocial behaviour. Over the last few years Gravesend has been losing its sense of place and many residents feel unsafe in the town centre. – Jordan is clear that this must change and therefore Jordan will work with Kent Police and other groups within the Community to make our town a safer place to live, work and enjoy.

Health and Mental Health

Jordan is proud to be a Trustee of the 365 Challenge (a national charity that promotes exercise to aid mental health wellbeing). Jordan enjoys working with local groups to deliver positive mental health outcomes for the community. It is a stain on our society that suicide remains the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 in the UK and Jordan will fight to get people talking more about this important topic.

Jordan firmly believes that everyone in Gravesham should have access to green open space and over the next few years he will fight to preserve these spaces for the benefit of our resident’s health and wellbeing.

Tech, Innovation & Internet Safety

Jordan believes that the Council should be doing more to encourage innovation across the borough. Our proximity to London has never been capitalised on. He firmly believes that we should be doing more to encourage businesses to relocate to Gravesham, promoting the borough as an alternative to places like Stratford. Jordan further believes that we should have free public WiFi in our town centre and across our heritage hotspots. Furthermore Jordan will campaign for better education around internet safety as too many young people are taking unnecessary risks online.  

Photo from when Jordan arranged for the Founder of the Mars Generation (USA) to Skype into a Gravesend school's assembly. 

Strategic Planning

Proud to serve on the borough's Planning Committee, Jordan believes in taking a common-sense, people focused approach to town planning. Over the last few years Jordan has successfully defeated several appalling planning applications, which if permitted would have had devastating consequences for residents across the borough.  Jordan is completely against the Lower Thames Crossing (Option C) and will work with his colleagues over the next few years to mitigate the consequences of this shameful project. Additionally Jordan will scrutinise the Labour controlling Group as they take our borough through the process of setting a new Local Plan. Jordan is clear, the Greenbelt must be protected. 


Jordan believes that everyone has the right to safe, clean and affordable accommodation. Over the past few years Jordan has been pleased to help residents right across the borough with their housing needs. Additionally Jordan has stood up for the borough's homeless, particularly through the COVID-19 Lock-down when he fought to ensure that homeless individuals received temporary accommodation. Additionally Jordan has a proud track record of mediating neighbourly disputes and he stands ready to help anyone in Gravesham with their housing needs. 

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